What are the BMW FSC codes?

What are the FSC codes for BMW?

BMW FSC code is a certification authorized by the BMW group. It’s very Microsoft-like. The BMW FSC is generated by the BMW server in an encrypted method when the BMW group produces their cars. For example, updating the BMW navigation systems requires a unique code known as an “FSC Code” to be updated or switched to a different version of BMW navigation maps. So many people need to get a BMW FSC code to update their navigation maps. To activate your BMW Apple CarPlay you need the BMW FSC code for EVO ID4/5/6 and MGU ID7 and ID8.

The “Vehicle Order” (VO) is a configuration-related term used to define BMW FSC content, such as the various Microsoft software versions available. Of course, some low-configuration models will have fewer FSCs according to the car’s specifications.

What can Autosvs supply with FSC codes?

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