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BMW Wireless Carplay: A Great Feature of Apple’s In-car Infotainment System

BMW Wireless CarPlay – A Great Feature of Apple’s In-car Infotainment System With the advent of smartphones and their integration into our daily lives, it is no surprise that carmakers are also trying to provide a seamless experience for their customers. One of the biggest players in this arena is Apple, with its CarPlay system. […]

BMW ICOM NEXT A Firmware update

BMW ICOM NEXT A firmware update BMW ICOM Next A original interface – Guidance on how to upgrade firmware Part No.81312360883 Many people have been having trouble updating ICOM’s firmware via ISTA+ since the last two updates with ICOM FW. When they try to update, it shows that ISTA is beginning the update process, but […]

How to easily improve your sound system with a BMW under-seat subwoofer upgrade?

Content: We all know that BMWs are great driver’s cars, but how are they for a music fan? The lucky few have vehicles that came fitted from the factory with a great amp and impressive speakers, most importantly pounding BMW under-seat subwoofers. The rest of us have to make do with the sometimes lackluster sound […]

BMW ISTA+: set up for BMW F/I/G Series Programming

How to set up BMW F/I/G Series Programming in it? Problem: I had an error when programming BMW F32 in ISTA-P 4.19.13 Expert Mode. Error: Vehicle programming with ISTA-P is no longer approved for the connected vehicle. Vehicle management is now only possible with ISTA 4. The version before ISTA 4 was called ISTA-D(aka Rheingold). […]

Useful BMW and MINI Android Auto Voice Commands

Content: Everywhere you turn, voice-controlled virtual assistants are taking over. Whether in your phone, a smart speaker, or a home appliance, there’s always a computerized voice at your beck and call. How about on the road, though? Well, with BMW AndroidAuto or the Google Assistant Driving Mode, anybody who’s a fan of both the Google […]

ENTRYNAV EVO vs NBT EVO – BMW Navigation Systems Compared

Content: If your BMW features an Entrynav Evo head unit, but your car’s documentation gives no clue on what that actually means for your infotainment options, you may want to pause for a bit at this piece. We’ll go through your Entrynav Evo (or the so-called Entrynav2) features, the navigation package it belongs to, and […]

ID5 to ID6 – How to Update BMW EVO Navigation?

How to Update BMW EVO Navigation from ID5 to ID6 Interface Which BMW Parts Are Usually Replaced?Autosvs NBT Evo ID5/ID6 kit includes genuine BMW parts, assembled for each vehicle individually. What exactly you need to swap out to get a newer system version depends greatly on your car’s specs. A rough list for a regular […]

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